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From CMS Websites to membership databases & contact relationship management systems (CRM)

Senior Internet specialies in supplying web based applications to membership organisations, assisting organisations to attract, retain and control membership management whilst adding significant value to the membership proposition.

The CMS lets users create pages, apply design templates, add images and text as well as creating callouts and click-throughs. The CMs also offers a facility to allow each page to be automatically search-egine friendly using title tags, meta tags and logical URL naming. Clients using the CMS benefit from a fast, intuitive and easy to use system that consistently improves due to an impressive ongoing CMS development programme.

MemberBase CRM, is a easy way to keep track of people an groups within a membership organisation. MemberBase CRM gives you the tools you need to stay on top of your membership organisation providing you with tools to interact with any member or group, gives you alers to keep you up to date and allows you to take and process membership payments. Senior's online member oragnsation software is the complete CRM solution.